In 1727, George Michael Weiss (1697-1762) and four hundred of his congregants arrived in Philadelphia from the Palatinate. A note of caution, many (most) of these linked pages are in German; put on your German language ‘hat’ or use Google Translate! Translate from German to English: Gelchte de Minnesota Synode for St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Arlington, MN asked Dec 10, 2017 in The Tree House by Jim Baur G2G6 Mach 1 ( 16.5k points) baur then the upper case letters in sequence. Each letter has an upper case German Scriptwriting training on line including script examples. Church record… This database is a large collection of records containing vitals (birth, marriage, death) from churches and towns located primarily in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. the priest: Johann Bernard Leyder, RootsWeb is funded and supported by Native German speaker, bilingual. (evangelisch) / evangelical 7. Two examples are provided and are from the Wehdem Church records. church records translation in English - German Reverso dictionary, see also 'church hall',church mode',church mouse',church school', examples, definition, conjugation I now realize how much I’m missing when I look at these old records. Below, I’ve compiled the most important vocabulary words you’ll need to know when analyzing German church records – keep this list on hand, and you’ll be well on your way to filling in your family tree. In the 1720s, John Philip Boehm (1683-1749), a schoolmaster, organized twelve Reformed German congregations in Pennsylvania, including the congregations at Falkner Swamp, Skippack, White Marsh, and Philadelphia. Understanding a German Church Record Entry. Your email address will not be published. This work is compiled and edited from the original by Judith Rempel. Translate letters to and from Germany, documents, certificates, newspaper articles, books, pamphlets, etc., from German to English and vice-versa. The old German script that our grandparents and their ancestors learned at school, consists for many younger contemporaries only of unreadable characters. This is the old German Scripth alphabet. Christian Kummer, ein Zimmermann / Christian Kummer, carpenter Latin Language Essentials The most important thing to look for in Latin words is the root, as it will give you the basic meaning of the word. These links include old terms for professions, diseases, occupations, and more. Baptisms list the parents, mother’s maiden name, father’s occupation and sponsors. Handwritten documents were composed in cursive using a type of script known as blackletter. The alphabet is the same an Check first if you can do the translation by yourself.It may turn out to that it is not that difficult! They recorded details of baptisms, marriages, deaths and burials. The dates range from 1669-2013. In order to use the church records, you must know the town the ancestor came from, at least a name and an exact date of the event. Religion 5. kathol. translation: 12. Modern Names or Definitions of Old Illnesses Interpreting Old Handwriting Fingertip Software Offers fonts (including Cyrillic ßÔÇÙØÉÅØÇÔÛÝÞ), spell checkers, keyboards, etc. Notoriously difficult to read, the Fraktur form of blackletter has been giving German genealogy researchers fits for centuries. Josef Blum, Zeugmacher (=Sattler), und der Ursula Kraupner(in) aus Kisch Corporate Information | Privacy | Terms and Conditions | CCPA Notice at Collection,, Name des Geborenen / Name of the born (child). Vater/Father: A Family’s Quest for Truth: Is Their Treasured Heirloom the Famous X-Rayed Ring? RootsTech 3771: The Magic of German Church Records Syllabus Link, Essential Death Record Vocabulary (PREMIUM), Genealogy Beat the Clock: Black Friday Extreme Deals. Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a8097b8c9eaaefa334ce5eaec371cd62" );document.getElementById("h7ac28d968").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. 16. dessen Eheweib / his wife If you continue to use our site, we will assume that you agree to our terms. 1. Denmark Church Records Parish Register Headings. (I think he got tired of me asking him to translate things. Im Jahre u Monat / In the Year and Month 2. German SütterlinScriptwriting exercises with examples that will also help you to read the script. See how they can help your German family history. If you don’t speak German, however, these records may seem a bit  overwhelming. Darunter Unterschift: Johann Bernard Leyder, Pfarrer / below the name of And the process of deciphering old handwriting describing life events of your ancestors by yourself may bring great satisfaction and joy. and our loyal RootsWeb community. The first German church in St. Louis was founded in 1834 by German Evangelical Protestants, but it was quickly followed by German Catholics and German Lutherans, who also formed churches in 1835/6 and 1839. (katholisch) / Catholic 6. evangel. These are examples of facts and events that make a family story real – and I know that my husband’s family will be surprised and glad to learn of them. Contents. Katherine Schober, author of "Tips and Tricks of Deciphering German Handwriting" and "The Magic of German Church Records: Finding the Key to Your Ancestor's Past", is a German-English genealogy translator who has translated for both The History Channel and PBS' Finding Your Roots. Here is another script example with the lower case letters all given first In order to get the most information from the records that are available, we have to decipher these records and put meaning into the symbols we see on the old documents or papers that we find. As we read old Bible, census, courthouse, archive and Church records to obtain the names, places and dates, often we are unclear at the words before us. Blum, saddlemaker, and of Ursula Kraupner(in) from Kisch These are the 17th & 18th baptisms for that year. Paricularly high quality site with both English and German support along with other languages. New England, Select United Methodist Church Records, 1787-1922 Will translate into German from English and English to German. 3. But never fear! About Us | Contact Us | Rootsweb Blog | Copyright | Report Inappropriate Material Translation of modern print, Gothic printed script, and old script when legible. Reviewers who have suggested improvements: Elli Wise, Alan Peters, Adalbert Goertz, Glenn Penner and an anonymous physician from Calgary, Alberta. First, you need to know some key German words. German Church Record Basics - Part 1 - German Records All of my Panther family tree information was found in the church records of a few villages in Germany. In my last post, I wrote about my excitement over my brand-new copy of Hoffman and Shea’s recently published German genealogical translation guide, In Their Words: A Genealogist’s Translation Guide to Polish, German, Latin and Russian Documents: Volume IV: German.I decided to test-drive it using a marriage record from the Bischöfliches Zentralarchiv Regensburg that my friend … Church records (parish registers, church books) are an important source for genealogical research in Germany before civil registration began. Translate from German to English: Gelchte de Minnesota Synode for St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Arlington, MN asked Dec 10, 2017 in The Tree House by Jim Baur G2G6 Mach 1 ( 17.5k points) baur / House No. Translates German script and Fraktur (old print), German genealogy records both Gothic script and typed. Deciphering Old German Handwriting in Letters, Diaries, Certificates, Church Records and More *Celebrating Five Years of Genealogy Translation* ... it is then important to hire a translator who can read the old German handwriting and professionally translate these … a double 's' typically. I never dreamed so much additional information was hidden in those records, such as Wendtlandt being an organist, the ringing of the bells (I was a music major and enjoyed those bits of information), and the emergency baptism. Learn more. Author’s Note: For more church record vocabulary and tips on deciphering your church records, check out my newest book The Magic of German Church Records: Finding the Key to Your Ancestor’s Past. The German Reformed Burial Ground of Philadelphia was established in 1741. Susanna Blum(merin), aus Kisch Nro.11, Kischer Herrschaft, (Tochter) des Example of German Church Record with Below, I’ve compiled the most important […] american english except for the 'beta' letter after 's' which stands for Baptism Name (Christian Name). The Arbeitshelfe also contains some good historical maps. Prussian State Archive samples- in German only. The collection includes administrative, financial, pastoral, membership, and Sunday school records. Highly recommended. Filled with names, dates, places of residence and more, these entries can be the key to breaking down the brick walls in our genealogy research. (See: Reading Old German Church Records Early German church records (Kirchenbuch) contain a wealth of family information for those who have ancestors from that country. for many european countries. These top German translation websites will help you identify and translate old German letters, words, abbreviations, street names and occupations. I asked Katherine to transcribe and translate a baptismal record written in Old German script from 1828 about my Great, Great Grandfather. ). Old German Professions Occupations and Illnesses is a RootsWeb resource that comes in handy as when translating parish records. So, let's say you know what town your family is from in Germany. Download your comprehensive list here – plus monthly German genealogy tips sent straight to your inbox. The credit for the translation work should go to Ann Rempel, Dora Epp, V. Lyle von Riesen, and Adalbert Goertz. We use cookies to customize content and give you the best experience possible. The German language was used in the parish registers of this area when they were under the influence of that country. (männlich) / male 9. weiblich / female German Genealogical Research Before The Church Records Begin German-American Religious Groups - The Church-German-Americans German Lutheran Records in Chicago Göppingen, Württemberg, Germany and surrounding villages This is a database from the Church books of Göppingen beginning in 1808. German-English transcriptions and translations of old German script (Kanzlei- and Kurrentschrift, S Entziffer-mich - Transcription of old (German) Handwritten Documents Transcription and translation of old handwritten documents (letters, diaries, certificates etc.) Therefore, Latin will be found used in the earlier records of most European countries, as well as in Roman Catholic records around the world. Many of these terms and abbreviations are not in common use today… so hopefully these lists will help ‘clear’ some confusion. Thank you. The vast majority of the population was mentioned. Before the 1940s, most records in German-speaking areas (as well as surname books, newspapers, journals and gazetteers) used a Gothic font called Fraktur. Name des Geborenen / Name of the born (child) 4. Many churches in this area followed the same or a similar format. / Susanna Blum(merin), from Kisch No.11, dominion Kisch, (daughter) of Josef But never fear! Understanding a German Church Record Entry German Church records are usually well organized and can give a lot of information about a person. Its records document over two hundred years of one of Philadelphia's oldest congregations. Your email address will not be published. Example of German Church Record with translation: Translation 1. In 1730, Weiss returned to Europe to raise funds for the fledgling church, but he returned th… 10th Presbyterian Church, Session and Register of Baptisms, 1830-1896 (in US Presbyterian Church Records collection) Ancestry 10th Presbyterian Church, Session and Register of Marriages, 1830-1892 (in US Presbyterian Church Records collection) Ancestry 18th century records of the German Lutheran Church of Philadelphia (St. Michael's and Zion) Family History Library German church records can be a genealogist’s dream. Even if you don't speak or read German , however, you can still make sense of most genealogical documents found in Germany with the understanding of a few key German words. If you work with German records, you understand how the handwriting has changed over time. Will also do LDS microfilm searches. It was the original burying ground for members of the German Reformed Church of Philadelphia. Entry number. Required fields are marked *. Mutter/Mother: Haus Nro. Old documents and contemporary documents of our ancestors from past centuries remain an unencrypted secret. Baptism (Birth) Records. Records written in German may also be found in Switzerland, Austria, and parts of Poland, France, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Denmark, and other places that Germans settled. With my father’s name, birth date and town, I found the correct entry for his baptism. Mike, on a Christmas Translation Present for his Wife, Susan, on Translation of 1773 Poem Quoted by her Ancestor, Beverly, on translation of 1780s church records. Ancest…. Language translate translation translations - Don Watson. 13. A small number of German Jews also came to St. Louis during this time. It occupied roughly the eastern half of present-day Franklin Square, bounded by Vine Street, Sixth Street and Sassafras Street (presently called Race Street). version first followed by a lower case. They formed a synagogue and began a cemetery. Each letter has an upper case version first followed by a lower case. Weiss began to minister to the Philadelphia “church” founded by Boehm. Pennsylvania and New Jersey, U.S., Church and Town Records, 1669-2013. How One Word Traveled Around the World (Guest Post by Narelle Kukowetz), That’s in the Archives: Using State Archive Websites For Your Genealogy Research (Guest Post by Melissa Barker), 7 Genealogy Hacks for Verifying Your Ancestor’s Hometown (PREMIUM), Essential German Genealogy Vocabulary: The Collection, Recognizing German Numbers: A Practice Game (PREMIUM), Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy and Data Usage. Filled with names, dates, places of residence and more, these entries can be the key to breaking down the brick walls in our genealogy research. Good old Wikipedia has a solid overview Kurrentschrift: Kurrent is an old form of German-language handwriting based on late medieval cursive writing, also known as Kurrentschrift, Alte Deutsche Schrift (“old German script”) and German cursive. Thank you for these amazing translations! cop.31.Jan.1842 = heiratete / was married These online resources are so good, even the experts use them! German church records can be a genealogist’s dream. Volunteers at the LDS Church are in the process of digitizing Many of these records are preserved on microfilm, particularly in the LDS archives at Salt Lake City. Need help reading or translating German genealogical documents? Typical Danish Lutheran parish register headings are shown on top, with English language translations below. Today, only a few can translate and understand the old German script. My own dear husband found for me in about six seconds of Google searching and it’s been very helpful in my recent Prussian research. Records Translations Guidelines. Common German Script reading problems from Legacy webinars "Deciphering German Script" by Gail S. Blankenau, Genealogist, This is the old German Scripth alphabet. written in German forms of cursive like S Entries are numbered sequentially as they are entered and start over each year. If you don’t speak German, however, these records may seem a bit overwhelming. In addition, church records can contain financial account books, (the record charges for toll bells, fees for masses for the dead, and so on), lists of confirmation, penance register communion lists, lists of members and the family register. We had hit a brick wall in our. The Old First Reformed Church of Philadelphia was founded as the German Reformed Church of Philadelphia in 1727. Geschlecht / sex 8. männl.
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