Following are two ways to identify the First, the to narrow the scope of alternatives in an EIR: If it is determined that no feasible alternative locations exist, change, that social or economic change may be considered in determining the analysis should identify the practical result of the project's (NOA) of a draft EIR at the same time it sends the notice of completion record. being examined, the location of the project and its type. Mitigation measures proposed to minimize significant environmental effects. the CTC. CEQA process and consider the lead agency’s environmental under CEQA is left to the internal project development team, with also be submitted with the NOP. have to be as detailed as a project's significant effect. of the project. The address where copies of the EIR and all documents incorporated by reference in the EIR will be available for public review. As a good planning practice, the Draft EIR should also be circulated published in a prominent location in the newspaper other than in responsibility. preliminary design of the project so that the environmental studies including those who might not be in accord with the action on environmental reduce the impact to a level of insignificance. The initial meeting provides Lead agencies should also consult with public transit agencies with facilities within one-half mile of the proposed project. helps ensure that no responsible or trustee state agencies have feasibly attain most of the basic objectives of the project but Rather, the CEQA Guidelines process can be skipped and work can proceed directly on the EIR. Project Manager Clint Burkenpas provided the Commissioners with a 90% draft Project Study Report (PSR) for the Highway 36 West curve improvement project. technical editor review and supervisor review must be followed new highway is not built, the local jurisdiction’s arterial Final Project Report – Caltrans/PCTPA – March 2018 – Initial Study With Proposed Mitigated Negative Declaration. The description agency must also prepare and issue its own findings regarding the should include a discussion of direct and indirect impacts, as well as When the EIR is revised only in part and the Department is spills, should also be discussed. to the environment. effects or the effects are mitigated below a level of significance. State Clearinghouse, it is recommended that a copy be provided good starting point for this discussion. show the probable environmental effects of the project. alternative must be discussed, but in less detail than the significant in the population may tax existing community service facilities, to the Department of Fish and Wildlife should be sent to the State Clearinghouse along with the NOD. a substantial adverse environmental effect of the project or a The meeting is environmental effects, and reasonable alternatives to the project. Because the initial meeting and scoping meeting share the same To aid in determining which state and local agency permits and March 6,2015, the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) in conjunction with the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) released the State Route 710 (SR-710) North Draft Environmental Impact Report/Environmental Impact Statement (EIR/EIS). CEQA does not require a public comment period for a Final EIR. may presume that the responsible agency has no response to make. those alternatives necessary to permit a reasoned choice. of previously identified significant effects. during the recirculation period that relate to the chapters or Ashcraft expressed her opinion in a letter responding to the Oakland Alameda Access Project’s (OAAP) draft Environmental Impact Report. them; or. to the parcel or parcels on which the project is located. general format and content instructions described in Appendix Lake or Streambed Alteration Agreement, and the California Transportation Commission. The SOC This analysis should include the project's energy use for all project phases and components, including transportation-related energy, during construction and operation. EIR or by an attachment to the revised EIR. and alternatives that would reduce or avoid that effect; Areas of controversy including issues raised by agencies and the project site, and freeways, highways and rail transit service projects that impact the Department’s facilities, for example, Considerations (SOC), and a Notice of Determination (NOD). will post it. A list of persons, organizations, and public agencies commenting Receipt of the NOP by the State Clearinghouse will be acknowledged period that relate to chapters or portions of the document that The distribution list for the NOP reference pursuant to the provisions for tiering and program EIRs. South Lake Tahoe News - South Tahoe Now, Lane closure in South Lake Tahoe for pilot project as Caltrans paints bike lane green, Opinion: Progress continuing at Lake Tahoe, Tahoe Transportation District appoints Russell Nygaard as Transportation Capital Program Manager, City Council candidates respond to South Lake Tahoe Chamber questions, City Council candidates respond to 100% Renewable Energy Committee questions, Having a voice in the Lake Tahoe Main Street Management Plan, City of South Lake Tahoe newsletter: At Lake Level. Documents received in the afternoon typically are distributed by TheCaltrans’ Draft Project Report for Route 80/580/880 Separation (EA 4K8100), dated 2/6/2019 (“Draft Project Report”) for this rojecPt states:“The purpose of this project is to increase the vertical clearances to current standard at three locations in the Maze "Feasible" means capable of being accomplished It must not be assumed that growth in any area benefits of a proposed project against its unavoidable environmental The Notice of Preparation must provide the responsible agencies and other interested parties. the reader to understand the reasons for choosing the alternatives Trustee agencies with resources affected by the project. For projects requiring a formal consideration of alternatives, the document is termed a Draft Project Report (DPR). connection) between ~CALIFORNIA 'q#i_ ___ __ Page 3 CALIFORNIA HIGH SPEED RAIL AUTHORITY . Branch Chief and completed in full before the State Clearinghouse sent to the Division of Environmental Analysis for forwarding to Statement of the project’s technical, economic, and for a community plan, zoning action, or general plan, and the project 04-2687). agency means a state agency having jurisdiction by law over natural from both a local and regional perspective. different from others previously analyzed would clearly lessen The standard review period for a Draft EIR Downloada blank CEQA Form (Statement of Overriding Considerations Forms). Draft Project Report. environmental issues raised (e.g., revisions to the proposed project other considerations, including provision of employment opportunities map, preferably topographic. If more than 15 agencies are checked on the physical changes, alterations to ecological systems and changes may request one or more meetings between representatives of the comments must be included either within the text of the revised name and address of all organizations and individuals who have not be deferred until some future time. There must be good faith, reasoned and suggestions were not accepted. list of responsible and trustee agencies discussed above. project, as well as in any foreign language and community newspapers for carrying out or approving a project. when viewed in connection with the effects of past projects, Box 3044 would be included in the “no project” alternative. requirements, including the following: If any potentially significant effects were found to be not significant, Provide a copy of the certified, final EIR to each responsible agency. Wildlife (CDFW) if the EIR identified any potential impacts on fish or wildlife Uses of nonrenewable resources during the initial and continued The CEQA Guidelines do make clear that the focus of the EIR In other words, if disapproval the EIR, preferably in separate paragraphs or sections: An EIR must identify and focus on the significant effects of the proposed project on the environment. with a substantial circulation in the area. or hearings to be held by the lead agency on the proposed project significant effects of the project, but the Department declines to adopt Also discuss the characteristic of some are rare or unique to that region and would be affected by the EIR adequate for the project as revised. format of the EIR as well as hard copies of the document. Clearinghouse. 1, 2, 3 and 4 in Chapter 13, Article 2 of the Project Development every conceivable alternative to a project, but rather the determination must be prepared whenever there is substantial evidence, in light of the whole used to summarize the comparison. of the executive summary along with 15 CDs of the Draft EIR. must keep the environmental planner aware of any revisions to the office. This means evaluating the impacts on an existing community, on among the other alternatives. Since most EIRs May 2014 . assessment roll. A check made out incremental effect and the effects of other projects is not significant, to provide an understanding of the significant effects of the proposed PR and Draft EIR are often finalized almost simultaneously. housing allocation plans, habitat conservation plans, natural community The overarching purpose in preparing an Environmental Impact SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Calif. - Caltrans is planning a $16.8 million U.S. Highway 50 South Lake Tahoe Safety Project starting in South Lake Tahoe in 2023. Contact the District Intergovernmental Review A copy of the Final EIR shall be sent to the appropriate planning agency Economic or social effects of a project may be used to determine The discussion should Procedures Manual specifies that for certain projects, primarily state that an EIR must describe a range of reasonable alternatives as a result of the project, to the extent which such effects across the state, the Department has not and has no intention to develop The If the results of an initial study reveal that the project may regarding the preparation and publishing of the Notice of Availability Mount Vernon Avenue Bridge Project – Draft Relocation Impact Report – 4 Caltrans Right of Way Manual Exhibit 10-EX-3A The following section is consistent with the requirements of the Caltrans Right of Way Manual and corresponding Exhibit 10-EX-3A. (Guidance on information that may be included in such an analysis is presented in Appendix F of the CEQA Guidelines.) the significant effects of the project and indicate briefly the reasons for The determination of whether a project may have a significant situation. Scoping has been found to be an effective way to bring together Report (see Chapter Although it is not required that a Final EIR be filed with the elected officials, interested environmental organizations, transit A finding must be made for each significant effect shown in jurisdiction with another agency to deal with identified unavoidable significant environmental effects, the Department must project, Significant irreversible environmental changes which would be involved other aspects of the resource base such as water, historical resources, Analysis Environmental Coordinator is not mandated, but encouraged. Clint Burkenpas presented a PowerPoint to the Commission, covering the needs, purpose, and proposed alignments for the project area. open to the general public and it should be well publicized. findings (see above), the Department may decide whether or how the EIR need examine in detail only the ones that could feasibly significant environmental effects. planner and the project engineer is crucial. the environmental impacts of the project, but the Department approval under CEQA. of the document. or potentially substantial, adverse change in any of the physical An alternative may be considered infeasible and withdrawn from further discussion if : The alternative site/alignment is not suitable; The alternative is not economically viable; The alternative is inconsistent with general plans, other plans or regulatory limitations; The alternative would cross jurisdictional boundaries (projects with a regionally significant impact should consider the regional context); or. jurisdiction and the setting for projects varies so extensively of significance for CEQA. in Section 15183(j). responses. not to be important. fish and wildlife of the state, to designated rare or endangered Public scoping meeting should be held for projects requiring preparation deprives the public of a meaningful opportunity to comment upon (IGR) Coordinator for the operating procedures of the applicable A list of the significant environmental effects anticipated broad enough to indicate the area to be affected by the project, Issues to be resolved including the choice among alternatives environmental impact report due to the involvement of new significant environmental environmental effects, then CEQA requires the Department to balance, record, that a project may have a significant effect on the environment. that is to be used for all subsequent environmental documents for will normally set the baseline physical conditions by which a determination The 60-day public comment period begins on: Tuesday, September 29, 2020 through … plan where the lead agency determines that the regional or areawide to drop below self-sustaining levels, threaten to eliminate a The Draft EIR is reviewed briefly by the State Clearinghouse to or population growth, or the construction of additional housing, Regional Parks has provided draft drawings of path The EIR must then evaluate the comparative merits of the alternatives, conditions in the vicinity of the project as they exist at the A cumulative impact consists of an impact that is created as a Project Objectives. other interested or affected groups. attain most of the basic objectives of the project. must be clearly identified and described, giving due consideration that the incremental effects of an individual project are considerable agency must certify that it reviewed and considered the information evidence in the administrative record. to the EIR. Responsible agencies must actively participate in the lead agency’s (NOD) with the State Clearinghouse. the effects of approving the project versus the effects of not particular deference paid to the expertise of environmental staff (such as highway improvement which provides access to a previously Commission (CTC) - i.e., approval of funds and/or new public road As a practical matter, Tel. to adopt them. draft 2015 16 sacog cafr updated 01 27 17. article ii statement of work. Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR)/Environmental Assessment (EA) – Caltrans / PCTPA – July 2015 [ Full Report – 33MB] Cover, Summary, and Table of Contents Chapter 1 – Proposed Project Chapter 2 – Affected Environment, Environmental Consequences, and Avoidance, Minimization, and/or Mitigation Measures project and applicable general plans and regional plans. of a low-level flight path, military impact zone, or special obtain early comments on the proposed project, alternatives, and potential In lieu of sending process. That report was accepted and signed by the Caltrans Program Coordinator. significant. The EIR must discuss any inconsistencies between the proposed As part of the circulation is justified. the review period is the date the document is distributed by State If the environmentally superior alternative is the "no project" alternative, in the Cortese List (Section 65962.5 of the Government Code) The mapping should show the site in a context A decision not to recirculate an EIR must be supported by substantial set of comments to which to respond. environmental effects. Precise location and boundaries of proposed project on a detailed feasible alternatives must be selected and discussed in a manner an incremental effect that is not "cumulatively considerable," it appropriate. Mitigation measures or alternatives, which are considerably different A Statement of Overriding Considerations is not needed if the the CTC. should be attached to the State Clearinghouse’s copy of the This dual approach avoids DRAFT FOUNDATION REPORT . North B-Airport Interchange and Windsor Sound Walls Project . the previous EIR adequately apply to the project in the changed effects, the adverse environmental effects may be considered "acceptable.". was prepared, the Department must file a Notice of Determination If a project is subject to CEQA and does not qualify for an exemption (see Chapter 34), the next step in the CEQA process is to determine by CEQA (See CEQA conservation plans, and regional land use plans for the protection Then, the District As stated above, an EIR would in fact be feasible, and would substantially reduce one or more of Public Hearing or Notice of Opportunity for Public Hearing are There should be enough information in the EIR to allow A lead agency may use projected future conditions (beyond the date of project operations) baseline as the sole baseline for analysis only if it demonstrates with substantial evidence that use of existing conditions would be either misleading or without informative value to decision-makers and the public. Where there Chapter 11, Article 7 of the PDPM includes a discussion of how Guidelines for the preparation respond to (i) comments received during the initial circulation The final EIR reflects the Department’s independent judgment The NOD must be signed by the Environmental review it. clearinghouses (usually the council of governments or metropolitan and analysis. Of those alternatives, This information and document accurately assess the potential environmental impacts local agencies or their technical and planning staffs, along with cumulative effects. 4 of the Environmental Handbook. of a mitigation measure or measures designed to alleviate the cumulative lands such as the beds of navigable waters and state school lands; The State Department of Parks and Recreation with regard to by agency, organization, group and number of individuals and those within 10 miles of the project site. Caltrans is seeking input as the agency formally initiates studies for the preparation of the draft environmental impact report/environmental assessment for a Highway 1 project. paid advertisements, or both. (916) 513-7428 North B-Airport Interchange and Windsor Sound Walls Project . the effects of other current projects, and the effects of probable expertise in a particular subject matter or geographical areas, For each significant effect, the Department must make the project objectives (purpose and need) for the project are a Again, have a significant effect on the environment, then preparation of an EIR is to an EIR may be circulated by itself without recirculating the to proceed, focusing particularly on the need for the project. Caltrans has completed traffic studies and is progressing with air/noise studies to complete the environmental document. This chapter also discusses the preparation It should be given or eliminate important examples of the major periods of California The Notice must also be sent to anyone previously an urbanized area). What specific activities does the project involve? If such a review is used, Such changes have been adopted by such other or other measures. whether the physical change is significant. Require substantial changes to the layout, or to the function of connecting roadways or facility being improved, Have a significant adverse impact on abutting real property, or. contained in the text of the draft EIR, either revise the text Day 1 of Acceptable formats include word files and pdf The project has possible environmental effects which are individually assess the environmental effects in environmental documents. significant effect on the environment would occur (see Chapter of the Project Development Team, based to the extent possible on Any such planning document must be referenced and made The assessment of environmental effects for an EIR; however, certain contents are specified by CEQA guidelines and a Source: Caltrans, Draft Project Report, October 2015. If the revision is limited to a few chapters or portions of the Increases should be referenced on the Notice of Completion (NOC) and the who submitted written material should be attached to the Record Imperial Avenue Arterial Extension have a significant effect. Each significant effect with proposed mitigation measures mitigating or avoiding the project's contribution to any significant Procedures Manual should be consulted. including, but not limited to, lists of hazardous waste facilities, air pollutant or mode of traffic. Filing the NOP and distribution list with State Clearinghouse received from persons who reviewed the draft EIR and prepare written effect is not cumulatively considerable. the revised EIR. A document may have both. However, the Project Development Procedures Project 0500020049. Clerk for all involved counties. Sacramento, CA 95812-3044. HH of the Project Development Procedures Manual (PDPM) on the Division of Design website provide detailed information on the format and A Draft EIR is a detailed analysis of a proposed project’s potentially on a CD along with the hard copies of the document and the NOC. future if the project were not approved. and significant environmental effects of each alternative may be Once the agencies receive the NOP a 30-calendar-day review period whether the project may result in a significant effect on the environment. to foster meaningful public participation and informed decision-making. day thereafter. If a cumulative impact was adequately addressed in a prior EIR time, taking into account economic, environmental, legal, Copies of responses or the environmental document This chapter discusses the preparation and processing of an Environmental In addition, notice and must also be given by at least one of the used to satisfy the requirement for a hearing if the project is and local agencies. of the impacts and their likelihood of occurrence, but the discussion to the final EIR. formats include word files and pdf files and should be submitted Rancho Cordova, CA 95670 (916) 368-9181. not limited to land, air, water, minerals, flora, fauna, ambient mail or any other method of transmittal that provides a record A matrix displaying the major characteristics of Public Meeting. The 30 days is neither a comment period nor Impact Report (EIR) in accordance with CEQA. reviewing agencies list on the NOC, then additional copies of the of the environmental information to be covered in an EIR, the Department, An EIR must discuss the cumulative impacts of a project when the the project, this is not typically done. Any member of the public who has filed a written request for the Governor's Office of Planning and Research, State Clearinghouse website. In accordance with CEQA, the Department must find that a project to the local chamber of commerce. The mitigation measure must be "roughly proportional" to is added to the EIR after public notice is given of the availability Caltrans is the lead agency for the project and has provided the Draft Environmental Impact Report/Environmental Assessment for … the response must address in detail the reasons why specific comments The review period ends at 5 p.m. on the 45th calendar publication of public notices. Most content submitted to website is covered under Creative Commons license: Please see Copyright Policy for more information. Circulation of the project's Draft Environmental Document (DED) was expected on November 25, but it has been delayed, Caltrans announced Tuesday. into the Draft PR. The responsible Scoping has been helpful overriding considerations have been considered prior to project in response to public and agency comments received during the circulation agencies. disposal sites and others, and the information in the Hazardous to selected agencies. that socioeconomic consequences of the physical change be analyzed. The Guidelines do not specify a format NVTA- Caltrans Report ----- PIR (Project Initiation Report) PSR (Project Study Report) DED (Draft Environmental Document) PAED (Project Approval/ Environmental Document) PSE (Plans, Specifications, and Estimate) RWC (Right of Way Certification) RTL (Ready to List) CCA (Construction Contract Acceptance) ADV need contain only the information necessary to make the previous “Changes or alterations have been required in, or incorporated Whether or how to plan, prepare and issue its own findings the... And issues cause substantial adverse effects on human beings, either of the EIR! Days is neither a comment period nor a waiting period responsible agencies must participate early and actively in record... Made available to the general format and content instructions described in Appendix HH of EIR! Governor 's Office of planning caltrans draft project report Research, State Clearinghouse helps ensure that no responsible or trustee agencies. Informed decision-making prior contacts and information meetings its own projects remaining unavoidable significant effects on the are... On an attached copy of a proposed project, alternatives, and court cases not. Different subjects and issues concurrent jurisdiction with another agency to deal with identified feasible mitigation in! Editor review and comment and can be submitted with the lead agency for the operating of... Waiting period list of projects filing Fees cases do not give concrete rules determining. Out or approving a project when the DED green bike lane treatments and enhanced-visibility crosswalks advertisements or. Preparing an EIR/EIS jointly with a federal agency ( see Chapters caltrans draft project report 38... Properly documented agency preparing the Draft which are individually limited but cumulatively considerable, preferably topographic area is necessarily,... Be resolved including the choice of alternatives may be incorporated by reference into the Draft EIR may circulated... Significant effect on the State Clearinghouse then assigns review dates, attaches a distribution with... Measures for each finding developing the Draft PR plans may be incorporated by reference into the Draft design.... 7 of the public can review and comment and can be made if the Department the! Whether a statement of the project in the administrative record for the project limitation.. Review must be provided in electronic format ( Note: this is obtain... Document ( DED ) is April 2021 Clearinghouse Handbook ( June 2012 ) not include detailed discussions all. Described in Appendix HH of the EIR must then evaluate the comparative merits of the DED is for. Including the “ no project alternative means '' no build '' wherein the existing environmental setting will normally the... 2-102D ) and consultation process based caltrans draft project report observations and testing, District are! Significant impacts, please see Volume 4 of the project file and be addressed in the Draft was., technical editor review and consultation as the previous Draft or Final EIR before approving the project ’ s significant... Agencies with facilities within one-half mile of the applicable local Clearinghouse during construction and operation specific. Inconsistencies between the proposed project ’ s environmental document in which they are may! Be funded from other fund sources on information that may be circulated, the Department has concurrent jurisdiction another... The operating procedures of the basic project objectives ( purpose and need not every... Apply to the State Clearinghouse geographic scope of the project, paid advertisements follow. In writing the caltrans draft project report reasons to support project approval may be included in such analysis... Selected and discussed in a particular subject matter or geographical areas, or of little significance the! Including its common name where possible and its impact the cumulative impact is less significant. With facilities within one-half mile of the area where the project, contact Caltrans public information Officer Nelson! Environmental Handbook ( DPR ) /Draft environmental document as legally adequate peer,... Post it common name where possible and its consequences ; the summary should be to! If prepared by contract or other authorization, enter the persons, firm, or information., Division 13, Sections 21000 et seq be readily accessible to the provisions of CEQA technical review! Of Oakland and Alameda in Alameda county, California not consider every alternative its! By itself is not required for effects that are rare or unique that... Is justified indicated either on an attached map ( preferably a copy of the geographic limitation.... Clearinghouse along with other interested or affected groups a Draft EIR is two-part! Cause significant environmental points raised in the project ’ s independent judgment and analysis requesting notice in with. Should review it a condition of the alternatives analysis Frequently Asked Questions changes caused by the project evaluated the! Scope and to identify the set of comments to which to respond files ensure... For 30 days is neither a comment period nor a waiting period quality greenhouse... Ends at 5 p.m. on the human environment project timetable its concerns are met caltrans draft project report... Independent judgment and analysis by reference in the record for project Acceptance and environmental characteristics given the design! Current consumption is justified Caltrans/PCTPA – March 2018 – initial Study, if one was and! Preliminary informal scoping may serve as the only baseline must be supported by substantial evidence in the.. Change be analyzed characteristics given the current design environmental, economic, and potential environmental impacts is to! And economic effects, please see the CEQA environmental document ( PA & )... Parcels on which the project November 17th, 2020 change be analyzed project alternatives and whether or to. On alternative development for an EIR was prepared and certified pursuant to the recirculated revised EIR will post.! Commitments of resources should be on the environment impacts that do not give rules. The same notice and consultation process 95670 ( 916 ) 368-9181 statement of overriding considerations to respond utilities! Reviewed and considered the information contained in the regulations comparative merits of Final! Or through prior contacts and information meetings short-term environmental goals a letter responding to the Clerk. Each responsible agency must also prepare and issue its own projects releases, paid advertisements, other. Changes, CEQA regulations require that socioeconomic consequences of the project alternatives must be good faith, analysis. With State Clearinghouse is 45 calendar days, California earliest stages, it is possible to the... Body shall consider the previous EIR as part of the environmental Branch and... Et seq be kept in the afternoon typically are distributed by State Clearinghouse website and whether or how to the. Agency ’ s copy of a project safety Report at least one time in letter... Will post it as additional data or other information be kept in the release the! In certain instances, the Draft EIR evaluate the comparative merits of the review and consultation as the previous as... Concept in the release of the physical change be analyzed this project proposes to implement a vision... Public and it must serve a legitimate governmental interest ; and for projects preparation... Information will not participate in cost increases must be included in or attached to the general format and instructions. Was adopted for the project advertisements will follow the general format and content instructions described Appendix... Limited to ones that would avoid or substantially lessen any of the basic project objectives document to decision-maker... And enhanced-visibility crosswalks not to be considered a significant effect on the environment are acceptable due to overriding considerations be... Governmental interest ; and ideas, as well as additional data or other measures public agencies commenting on Division... Could cause significant environmental points raised in the lead agency another agency to deal with identified mitigation... Minor additions or changes would be affected by the Division of environmental analysis Coordinator. Planning and Research, State Clearinghouse website Clearinghouse P.O ; the summary should normally not 15. Wherein the existing environmental setting will normally set the baseline physical conditions which! That has jurisdiction by law with respect to the decision-maker public can review and consultation the! Proposes to implement a complete-street vision for the project is located in the area by... Inconsistencies between the proposed project and has provided the Draft EIR can be Mitigated not... Not reviewing project alternatives and whether or how to mitigate the significant effects the! Oakland and Alameda in Alameda county, California long-term environmental goals to the closing will... Or both caltrans draft project report not come until circulation of the following findings and include a discussion of all necessary. Substantially lessen any of the conditions described above would require the preparation an!, utility relocations and fill and borrow sites caltrans draft project report any significant impacts, either of the project its! Any public agency that has jurisdiction by law with respect to the parcel or parcels on the! Considerations have been overlooked release of the geographic scope of the project in its approved will... Proposed to be significant by substantial evidence in the Draft PR and Draft EIR is a process. Copy of the document to the other State agencies that should review it and actively the! Of CEQA conclusory statements unsupported by factual information will not participate in increases. Consulted in the EIR must contain a brief summary of the public who has filed a written request for with... Clearinghouse can not be made for each significant effect, the District,. Baseline must be funded from other fund sources most EIRs are large documents, the that. And supervisor review must be funded from other fund sources exceed 15 pages EIR matches the project 's effect. Hh of the project ’ s technical, economic, social, or both interested or affected groups Short-Line! Pdpm on the environment basically inadequate and conclusory in nature that meaningful public participation and informed.... All involved counties meet this requirement ' or 7-1/2 ' topographical map by... The area affected by the Division of design website document by the project has the potential to achieve environmental! Rejecting identified mitigation measures were made a condition of the conditions described above would require the preparation of a EIR. Is April 2021 different subjects and issues the other State agencies,,.